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I like people and I like them to like me, but i keep my heart where God put it; on the inside.
~ Monroe Stahr

Monroe Stahr  is a studio executive who has worked obsessively to produce high-quality films without regard to their financial prospects. He takes a personal interest in every aspect of the studio, and especially in the welfare of his employees. At age 35 he is almost burned out, and the story of how he loses control of the studio and his life.


Novel [1][]

Monroe Stahr, a brilliant, young film producer, as much interested in the artistic value of motion pictures as in making money. Having lost his wife whom he had loved deeply, he now courts death through overwork. He is extremely interested in the welfare of his employees, although he is not always appreciated by them. His short but passionate affair with Kathleen seems to be at the center of this unfinished novel.


Behind the scenes[]

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